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B A R B A R A   Y O K O M 

Barbara Yokom is a #1 bestselling author, a culture implementer, and a resilient entrepreneur with thirty years of executive leadership, development, coaching, and consulting experience who is committed to dramatically changing the way we work and live.  She founded and led a successful entrepreneurial performing arts organization and has coached others seeking to do the same. She works with organizations to create big vision, set goals, define their purpose, and live out  core values to create crazy great culture.

The Journey to My Why

My  personal why is “To inspire people to all possibilities for the highest good for all."


The journey to this "personal why" started when I was just a little girl. 

I realized at a young age that I do not like things that divide people or make anyone feel less than or not part of the group. I liked people to win.  I liked to assume innocence, even to the point others believe I was too positive or unrealistic.  As I became an adult, through my religious upbringing, my time in college, and in the business world, I never liked or felt comfortable anywhere or around anything that was so exclusive that everyone didn’t feel welcomed. 


Over the years and in owning my own business and creating my own family, I realized I can create places and environments that are inclusive, where everyone feels important and needed, and everyone has fun, and when I create these environments and cultures, it is amazing.   Not only do I feel my best in these environments I want others to feel the same, so I am committed to helping people create a culture that is inclusive and welcoming and where everyone wins. I

 am a wife, a mother, a mother-in-law, a sister, a sister-in-law, a friend, an entrepreneur, a forever optimist, and a big dreamer. 

 You can learn more about me through this photo gallery and visit me on social media.  

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