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The Never Stop Starting Operating System 

Has your organization spent money and time on your perfectly written Core Values, and Vision and Mission statements in hopes to improve your culture and it really hasn’t worked?  

The problem is no one, (including you, if we are really being honest), really knows how to live them out and what that means.   It needs an SOP just like everything else in our organizations. With the Never Stop Starting Operating System everyone in your organization will have a process to live them out, hold each other accountable creating crazy great culture, and achieving optimal results.  


Our standard operating system includes:

  • Hire the SPARK/ Hiring Process

  • The SIMPLE Agenda  

  • Living Out What We Value

  • Problem Solver

  • Decision Maker

  • Annual Igniter/ Annual Review

  • Communication Around Values

  • The Goodbye Conversation

For more information on how to get these tools implemented, contact us 



“Never Stop Starting is an inspiring read. Barb Yokom shares the most challenging times of life and work and guides the reader to hopefulness. The ‘Seven Practices to Never Stop Starting’ are applicable to a start-up, established organization and all levels of leadership. Barb was ahead of her time with her goal to build a Crazy Great Culture. The blending of work and life is something we crave now more than ever.”

Peggy O’Flaherty, Co-Founder, Mavely

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