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You and your team will be resilient leaders creating “crazy great” culture by living out your organizational core values. Through a short-term engagement, we will implement the simple Never Stop Starting standard operating system within your organization.  From daily interactions, meetings, and reviews and how to make every decision around the company's core values.  


We work with organizations and schools taking our proven process from the leadership to every single team member, student and parent.  For our Proven Process  please click the link below depending on your organization. 



Engaging Ms. Yokom to re-define the role of our Executive Board and take a deep-dive into our organizational “why” has yielded intrinsic and extrinsic successes for our organization. We now benefit from mission-driven safeguards for our leadership, and flourish in living our mission with natural accountability. The productivity of our leadership, and, in-turn, results for our constituents, has been prolific since engaging Ms.Yokom.   


-Ross Berkley, M. Ed.

President, Naperville Unit Education Association. 

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