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Barbara Yokom started a dance school that began with 100 students, one room, and one employee. Over the next 29 years, it grew into a dance, music, and theatre school with 1700 students, 2.7 million in gross revenues, and 68 employees.  The fast growth of the school and the impact it had on its students and community were due to the amazing team and the resilient crazy great culture she created.

The seven practices that Barbara developed are a tried and true way for your organization to live out its core values and achieve lasting success.  Using this no fail formula in Never Stop Starting, you will: 

  • Develop extraordinary resilience, so you and your team can "never stop starting" even through the tough times.

  • Establish deep connections and create a work-life balance to maximize your organization's potential.

  • Avoid "Tricky Traps" that are killing your culture and keeping you from reaching your goals.

  • Create an amazing, authentic, and fulfilling life, and take your organization further than you dreamed.

You, too, can create a crazy great culture within your workplace.  Never Stop Starting will show you how! 

Your NO FAIL Formula to Maximize Your Organization's Potential
and Gain Lasting Success 


“Absolutely awesome piece of work! I was so pumped after reading it, I suggested it to three people right away. This book gave me so much energy!”

Nicki Scott, Vice President, Rotary International
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