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The Never Stop Starting Company Proven Process for Schools

When people feel seen, valued, and heard, they are excited about a vision and know everyone is held accountable. Great culture happens.
In a short term engagement, we will have your team making every decision, solving every problem, and creating great culture.
All about you - learning and discovery (Leadership Team)
  • Cement Your Purpose

  • Claim Your Core Values

  • Clarifying Your Big Vision

  • Taking an Authentic Look at Your Culture

  • Setting Two Year Goals

Living it out
  • Engaging  Faculty & Staff

  • Taking Phase One to the Next Level

  • Learning to Live Out the Values/ Seven Practices Shared by All

  • Implementing Core Processes That Get Everyone on the Same Page 

  • Coaching Leadership, Faculty, and Staff

  • Engaging Parents & Students

  • Teaching Students Resilience by Living Out Values

  • Getting Parents on the Same Page

  • Executing a Sustainability Plan

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